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NGroove Dance Competition

NGroove Dance Competition

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Event Date & Time

May 11, 2019

Chicago, IL


The NGroove Dance Competition, is a part of N’Groove Dance, Inc a 501c3 non-profit organization that provides free programs in the arts and dance for youth in urban communities throughout North America. 

The N’Groove Dance Competition was created to not only bring awareness to our programs but to also become a Urban/Hip Hop Dance Competition that makes a difference and gives back to the dance community while giving dancers an opportunity to display their art form.

Our objective is to combine dance education and entertainment, along with an freestyle battles and crew competitions that will challenge dancers and dance crews to come together in a spirit of competition to show how exciting the world of dance can be while giving back to community programs that teach the arts to youth by giving them a portion of the proceeds from our live shows.

Founder and Executive Producer, Dawn Smith and her team of  Dancers, Lovers of Dance and Enthusiasts aim is to create an event that does not compare to other dance competitions. We strive to connect  Dancers to events that will engage them, help them to achieve their goals, encourage them to dream big and provide steps in assist them along the way.


Here you will find the pricing for Team and Battles Registration, Live Show Tickets and Workshop Registration.



Spectator Tickets

Ticket prices vary per event location. Normally tickets are $20 in advance and $25 at the door. Depending on the venue, students are eligible for a $5 discount when showing a Student ID.
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The registration rate per dancer for the competition is $30. Each competition location has deadlines for regular and late registration pricing. Please check your location page for further details.
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Workshop Sessions

The registration price per workshop varies per event location. Pricing can include workshops and entrance into competition. Please check the specific event location page for further details.
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