Hans Pierre

Born and raised in Boston, MA, Hans’ passion for dance did not begin until 2006 when he moved to Fort Myers Florida and was introduced to the Florida dance community. With the urge to learn as much about dance as possible mixed in with his love for all things hip-hop, throughout the duration of highschool and college he spent time being trained in modern and ballet but also submerged himself in the urban dance community.
In 2010 Hans moved to Tampa Florida where he began to pursue dance as a career and did all things to make it happen. In that time he began to build his teaching portfolio by first teaching locally (regular classes, master classes, and conventions) and then expanded to cities all over Florida then shortly after, he began to teach out of state. Proficient in teaching house, hip-hop but also classes focusing on specific aspects of dance including musicality, creativity, and self-expression. Hans aims to do just that… Teach. He makes sure that his classes are not just about choreography but more so about the ideas of learning and understanding dance in a way that can be used in all aspects of furthering education.   
Hans also spent the same amount of time (if not more) working on his performance resume which includes The Jabbawockeez, World of Dance tour, America’s Got Talent, The Rachel Ray Show, Prelude, Kanye West, The Los Angeles Clippers, and more. 
Hans is also an original member of the nationally recognized dance crew, The FLooridians. Known and respected in the Freestyle Hip Hop Community for their battling, in recent years they have been able to claim victory in various events such as Block Party, Northwest Sweet 16, Versa Style’s LTMMY jam, Urban Street Jam, and represented The United States as Team USA Hip Hop at the 2016 KOD World Cup and the 2017 Paris – Berlin Street Dance Festival in Berlin, Germany.